Well yes, it’s inspired by the idea of a media-based jukebox. As an extension of the TRU Sounder SPLOT as a place for sharing audio content, the SPLOT Box also can collect video as well.
It plays mostly hits from the cloud; the kind of things that can be added include:

  • YouTube videos (by URL)
  • Vimeo videos (by URL)
  • SoundCLoud Audio (by URL)
  • An MP3, OGG, or M4A audio file at a direct URL
  • An uploaded MP3, OGG, or M4A audio file

On upload, the person who shares it creates a title, any kind of descriptive information to go along with it, and add tags and/or categories to organize the item. The administrator of a SPLOTbox can choose to enable input fields for a creators name (for attribution), an open license, and to provide a cut and paste attribution text.
Hopefully this will be self-evident; why not locate some audio or video content you can add to this box, no quarters needed, just head over to the Share form.
Or go stand in front of the box, press a few buttons and pick some media to play.